We are running a Kickstarter campaign to fund two more episodes of FIRST TIME HERE: Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. Check out the campaign here.

is to not only inform viewers about the destinations, but also to show them what it’s really like to visit these places. Unlike other travel shows where everything goes according to plan, we show all of Josh’s and Emily’s struggles to handle foreign travel.  Moreover, we want the show to inform viewers about the realities of the destinations we visit from a traveler’s perspective.

Why Rio De Janeiro?
As the future site of both the World Cup (2014) and the Olympics (summer 2016), Rio will be a popular destination for many people in the next few years, and we hope that this episode will help people better understand the city from an outsider’s perspective.

Why Buenos Aires?
This Argentinian city is one of the most popular tourist destinations for people worldwide and is the second largest metropolitan area in South America. The city is a melting pot of many international cultures and we hope to capture its vibrant and unique atmosphere.

How can you help?
Spread the word! We would greatly appreciate it if you shared our Kickstarter page with friends and family:

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