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Documenting Your Travels: Photo Series

My boots - Grand Canyon, Arizona

My boots – Grand Canyon, Arizona

Photo series can be a great way to document your travels. They are easy to do (once you pick your specific thing) and they look good all together on your fridge, in a scrapbook, or in a facebook album. Some of my friends like to take jumping photos, but those usually require at least two people (one person taking the picture and at least one person jumping).
The other issue is that it takes some skill to get the shot. Handing the camera to a random person and asking them to take the photos doesn’t always work out so well.

Another way is to photograph a special object wherever you go. Emily sometimes brings her unicorn, Buttercup, with her on trips.

Buttercup - Nassau Bahamas

Buttercup – Nassau Bahamas

This, however, means remembering to bring that object with you every time you travel. That’s why I started taking pictures of my shoes. I usually take photos of them when I’ve been hiking so the shoes tie in more with the location.

My boots – Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Whatever your special take on the photo series is, it can be a fast and easy way to visually connect all of your travels without having to buy a bunch of shot glasses.