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Hello. This is our blog. It’s about traveling. It’s about our travels and our travel show, FIRST TIME HERE. It’s about informing you through text and images about said travels and said show. What we are trying to say is, “You should read this thing.” The posts to come will be about everything from what goes into making a travel show to what we’ve learned while traveling. So what we are trying to say is, “Thank you for being here.” You are important to us.

-AJB, JDB, and ERV

6 thoughts on “Our Blog

  1. Victoria Portela

    Why are there no more episodes available? This show is interesting, I wish I could see more of it!

    1. adamjbianchi Post author

      The first episode is the only one we have been able to make so far and it was created as a pilot episode. The South Africa episode that is teased at the end was never actually made. It is there to make it feel like a full episode of what we hope to be an actual show. Keep an eye on our blog as we will hopefully be making an announcement in the next few weeks about the possibility of more episodes.


  2. Anna

    Hi there your concept is awesome. You may want to write to the site owner of TrendyRio.com to feature you in their site. Good luck in your new venture!

  3. Kayla

    I saw your Japan video on youtube! I really enjoyed it because I could picture myself there; it wasn’t just pictures or recordings of the picture perfect touristy parts. You showed the stuff like the vending machines, and regular city roads, and the cost of trains and hotels and things.
    Thumbs up, keep travelling 🙂


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