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Places to Visit: Carousels

Carousel on Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier Carousel – Santa Monica, CA

Carousels are one of my favorite things to visit while traveling. They are beautiful pieces of history that you can actually interact with. They often operate in essentially the exact same way they did when they were first created, give us the rare opportunity to step back in time and experience something the same way our grandparents may have.

Beyond that, they are also generally inexpensive and can be a great photo opportunity.

Close up on carousel horse

Balboa Park Carousel – San Diego, CA

Close up of the body of a carousel horse

Balboa Park Carousel – San Diego, CA

The Balboa Park Carousel in San Diego is one of the last remaining with a brass ring game. Riders on the outside row of seats can try and grab for rings hanging near the outer edge of the carousel. The rider that snags the brass ring gets a free ride.

a sign advertising the brass ring game

Brass ring game at the Balboa Park Carousel – San Diego, CA

Close up of the head of a carousel horse

Historic Carousel at the Seaport Village – San Diego, CA


Places to Visit: Universities

Universities can be great places to visit while traveling. The people on campus tend to be friendly and have good advice on cheap food and cool things to do in the area.


While in South Africa, Emily and I visited the University Cape Town. They had a rugby club that even invited us to join them:

IMG_0193 - Version 2 IMG_0195 IMG_0197