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Travel Gear: Camera Bag / Backpack

Bringing a DSLR camera while traveling can take up a lot of space and add a fair amount of weight. When I first started looking for a bag to carry my camera equipment in I looked mainly at backpacks specially made for DSLRs. Then I found this smaller bag that easily holds my camera and a second lens, and fits into other bags I already own:
My goto daypack when traveling is a beat up old backpack I got in the 7th grade:
It fits the camera bag, a water bottle, and a packable rain jacket (you can sometimes find these on sale for about 40% off, so shop around) with extra room if I end up buying anything throughout the day:
Plus, it doesn’t scream “THIS BACKPACK HAS A NICE CAMERA IN IT SO YOU SHOULD PROBABLY STEAL IT” like some bags made specifically for DSLRs.