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Travel Tip: Foreign Currency

I had several questions regarding money after my last post, and so I wanted to give a little more insight on the topic of dealing with money while in foreign countries.  First of all, working in the local currency can be a bit difficult, especially if you are trying to convert to your native currency while bargaining with an antsy vendor.  To avoid spending to much, or a stressful interaction, I try to travel with a currency converter cheat sheet, it is much easier to look down at a piece of paper then to have to do mental math and then translate it to a foreign language.  This is one that I had while traveling around Peru:

US Dollar to Peruvian Sol Cheat Sheet

US Dollar to Peruvian Sol Cheat Sheet

Also you should look into the cities you are traveling to, and see if ATM’s are easy to come by.  In most places I have been there are ATM’s available, including a four day boat ride up the Amazon to a floating market.  If ATM’s are readily available then you should carry only small bills and a few larger ones.  Keep in mind that many places no longer accept travelers checks or give you a big hassle for them.  Many stores accept credit cards, just be sure to tell your provider you will be traveling outside the country and also check your account activity regularly to ensure that no one stole your credit card  info.  Have fun and go explore.