Travel Essentials, Part III: Josh

Keeping with this week’s theme of travel essentials I immediately knew that I needed to write about pockets, specifically zipper pockets.  While traveling anywhere, doing anything, your pockets can be your best friend or your worst enemy. They can give you peace of mind, or make you paranoid beyond belief. The trick is getting the right pocket. I always travel with an amazing pair of REI adventure pants that has six pockets, four of which zip.

Adventure Pants

I have found that when I wear pants that have zippered pockets I feel much more comfortable that I will not be a victim of the always present pickpocket. When my pockets are exposed I am always on much higher guard and it can ruin a fun experience in a crowded market place.

A crowded Market in Shanghai, China

A crowded Market in Shanghai, China

Using your pockets in a smart way is also helpful to avoid a terrible day if you do encounter a person with sticky fingers. Many people wear money belts or something under their shirts, that is a great way to keep things safe, but it is also a bit conspicuous and I always felt funny going up my shirt for some cash. Instead I always divide what cash or credit cards I have between all my pockets. That way, you always have a pocket that did not get picked. I also try to separate out my bills for two reasons; one it feels odd pulling out 100 dollars when you just bartered a price from 20 to ten dollars, and second, you are showing anyone who is watching, “Look I have a lot of cash!” Most places have a plethora of ATM’s so you really don’t need to carry much cash on you anyway. Now go explore.


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