Four Corners, USA

The U.S. is full of unique spots and off-beat places to pull over and check out while driving across America. Diners shaped like hot-dogs and the worlds largest thermometer all make worth-while stops when you have been driving for nine hours and need a break from the cramped, sometimes oddly smelling world that is the inside of your car. One of the those spots lies in the desert between four states; Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. At the meeting of these states after a long drive through desert wastelands is a spot called Four Corners, a cool tourist trap with a photo-op that’s hard to pass up.

Adam standing in 4 (!) states - Four Corners, USA

Adam standing in 4 (!) states – Four Corners, USA

Located on a Navajo Reservation, this must see pull-off gives you a chance to stretch your legs and experience some unique local culture. The Navajo have built up a nice area with the official four corners in the center. Surrounding it there are stales where local artisans sell their wares, be it hand crafted arrows, or turquoise jewelry. One of my favorite stands was selling fry bread, essentially fried dough. In addition to the usual toppings you could get salt, apple butter, apricot jam, and several other unique items. It was a great snack to  munch on while looking at all the local artists’ work.

Girl hanging out as her mother works a fry bread stand - Four Corners, USA

Girl hanging out as her mother works a fry bread stand – Four Corners, USA

After walking around the stales and picking up some souvenirs, we grabbed a Tigers Blood flavored snow cone and hit the road. Twenty minutes and a few dollars later we’d broken up our ride, seen a unique part of America, and we can now say we’ve stood in four sates at once.


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